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Five hidden beaches in Sifnos!

Discover the top five secluded beaches in Sifnos, Greece for a peaceful getaway. From Vroulidia to Cheronisos, experience crystal-clear waters and stunning views.

5 Hidden Places to Swim and Relax in Sifnos!

Nowadays, the need to get away, change scenery and explore new places is constantly at the back of everyone’s mind. The busier daily life becomes the more we crave to get away, even for a small amount of time. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, Sifnos in Greece offers some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches. In this article, we’ve gathered the top 5 hidden places to swim, relax, and enjoy the sun in Sifnos.

That’s why we have gathered the best 5 hidden places to swim, relax and enjoy the sun in Sifnos.


Vroulidia Beach​​

The first one has to be Vroulidia beach, or as you’ll find it on the map, Paralia Vroulidia. It is a small beach in the northwestern part of Sifnos with crystal-clear water and light-color pebbles. Although it is kind of isolated, it is a visitor-friendly destination as one can find a traditional tavern ‘Vroulidia’, and at the furthest part of the little coast, a cafe-restaurant called ‘Katerina’. 

The bay is reachable by car, although it is not advised as the roads are rocky and dangerous for a first-timer; but if you do choose to go by car make sure you rent a 4×4 car and go slow and steady.

 Tip 1: The beach has no signal whatsoever so if you are thinking of visiting be prepared for an internet-free day.

 Tip 2: Renting a sailing boat or a yacht is suggested as it is a lot safer and a liberating experience.


Platis Gialos

The second place is Platis Gialos, a not-so-hidden place but definitely one of the most worth visiting when going to Sifnos. Platis Gialos is a small bay in the southeastern part of the island where time seems to pass differently, or so they say. It has everything someone may need within walking distance from the coast, the waters are magical and the people are very kind-hearted and welcoming.

 It is a great all-day-trip destination, as it ticks all the boxes; from the well-organized marina and the golden sand beach to the water sports services and the great food, Platis Gialos has everything a visitor can ask for.


Tip 3: author’s pov: Don’t miss the sunset!

Fykiada Beach

Thirdly, we are going to talk about a place that will be more appreciated by hiking lovers or people who like their privacy and aloneness; Fykiada beach. Fykiada beach is only a 15-minute ride by boat and an hour-long walk if you decide to follow the path that connects Platis Gialos and Fykiada beach. The path is a little demanding and tiring but the views of the forest and the sea are exceedingly rewarding.


 Tip 4: In case you settle on visiting Fykiada beach be prepared with food, drinks, etc as there are no cafes, beach bars, or restaurants in the area.

Vathi Beach

For our fourth suggestion, we are going to talk about Vathi, a suntrap bay with a harbor where the waters are always calm no matter how windy the rest of the island is, which makes it exceptionally ideal for boat and yacht lessees. It is located on the southeastern part of the island and, like Platis Gialos, it has all the necessary amenities from hotels and rentals across the beach to taverns, bars, and watersport services. Lastly, like the rest of the mentioned places, Vathi beach is amazing and peaceful.


The fifth and final destination we think is a must-see is Cheronisos, a ‘hidden’ natural port/beach at the southwestern part of Sifnos. Its only components are two taverns, a couple of rentals, a mini market, a small pottery shop, and obviously the golden sand beach. It is perfect if you don’t want to move around a lot but also stay somewhere with all the necessary amenities. 

Also, on the right part of Cheronisos, there is the chapel of Saint Polikarpos, where one of the biggest traditional greek feasts/fanfares is held annually. The waters are once again serine and crystal clear while the view of the port, the fishing boats, and the light blue sky have the ability to calm one’s soul instantly.

Tip 5: If you are thinking of going to Cheronisos, don’t forget to appreciate the beautiful combination of the laid-back fishing village scenery and the tree line crossing the seashore.


Bonus Place - Kitriani Island

*An extra place we thought would be wrong to not mention is Kitriani/ Kypriani island. Kitriani or Kypriani, as some call it, is a less than 1 square kilometer rocky island across Platis Gialos whose only building is the chapel of Virgin Mary the Kitriani. It is also accessible from Vathi. Kitriani combined with a visit to Platis Gialos or Vathi and Fykiada beach is an ideal day cruise for anyone who wants to explore and enjoy the southern part of Sifnos.

Photoshoot: @Vegnio

Eva Maronikolaki

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